We bring stories to life

Saga is a digital publishing house owned by the Nordic media group, Egmont. Our pedigree is of a traditional publishing house, our expertise has shaped us into digital market leaders. Here at Saga Egmont, we publish over 20.000 titles yearly: split between a versatile fiction and non-fiction catalogue across 30 languages and thousands of retailers worldwide. We believe that stories and literature can change the world, whether they come in the form of audiobooks, e-books, serials or podcasts.

We believe in podcasts

Saga Talks is the name of our podcast team in Saga. We work together with podcasters, producers and publishers in creating and distributing podcasts around the world. We believe in the value of podcasts, and therefore we only distribute to retailers and subscription services that pay to access our content. We believe firmly in the idea that podcasts are worth paying for, and our goal is to make it easier for you, as a podcaster, to earn a living from your podcast while at the same time reaching thousands of dedicated listeners.

Can we help you
with your podcast?

We offer a collaboration that fit your needs as a podcaster. For example, we offer editorial feedback, access to professional studios and professional sound editing. We create searchable metadata and great covers for your show, to make sure it stands out in the crowd. We can help with distribution worldwide and with marketing your podcast. We take care of the expensive and time-consuming part of business, so that you can focus on the most important – creating great podcast content. And of course, as a podcaster you’ll receive either a royalty or a buy-out in exchange for letting us include your podcast in our catalogue.

Our catalogue

Our podcast catalogue ranges widely – among many topics, you’ll find podcasts on meditation and mindfulness, true crime, history, sports, literature and entertainment. You’ll see a small selection of our podcasts above, and you’ll find many more in our shop.

Do you have a podcast?

Or maybe a great idea? Let’s talk about publishing it together